the history of "Il Colle"

Il Colle, an old farm belonging to "Fattoria la Novella", bought in the 90s, has been renovated with care, passion and love by the current owners. The structure of the farmhouse, a regular plan, it is very simple: on the ground floor, before the restructuring, was located the barn for the cattle, and next there were the henhouse, the oven and the wine cellar, a precious place where the farmer kept the wine and its equipment.

On the first floor there was the sharecropper's home, consisting of kitchen: the larger environment of the home, as a meeting place, especially during the winter, for the whole family, that spent close to the hearth (the so-called "canto del foco") most of the time. Immediately after the kitchen, there were the rooms where were placed, near the beds, the bags with inside the dried rhizomes of iris and other materials for the processing of this plant characteristic of the area. Near the house was located the barn, with windows in terracotta bricks: in ancient times it was used for storage of seeds, fertilizers and hay, precious nourishment for working animals used in the farm.

Every detail, every little particular has its own story and, still today, manages to convey unique sensations, like the old wash house located at the entrance of the garden. The choice of using original stones, red bricks of typical Tuscan farmhouse, together with terracotta and stones polished by time, was a priority to maintain the perfect harmony between nature and the surrounding environment. To bring out even more the landscape that the ancient farm owned, nature trails have been built between secular oak trees, cypresses and olive trees. On a natural terrace very scenic, was built a swimming pool with spring water and stones that blend with the colors of the Tuscan countryside. The tranquility and silence are a perfect setting for this rural landscape, highlighting even more the sounds and noises that nature generously gives.

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