Itinerary Ring Celle

  • Itinerary: Poggio alla Croce, Pian D’Albero, Celle, Badia Montescalari, Cappella dei Boschi, Fonte ai Trogoli, Poggio alla Croce.
  • Length: 13 kilometers
  • Altitude: min 401 meters, max 715 meters
  • Difference in height: 715 meters
  • Difficulty level: average
  • Journey time: 5 hours

Once we get to the houses of Pian d'Albero, we continue to follow the CAI path number 21, for a comfortable country road. At a junction, we take the little road that goes down to the left, bumpy and steep, and after about an hour of walking we arrive at the cemetery of Celle.

At this point, we take the CAI path number 23, which brings us to the ford of a ditch, before rising to a steep path up to the castle of Celle. After a relatively flat stretch, the trail descends until crossing a small architectural jewel: a bridge of stones, perhaps dating back to the Middle Ages, upon the watercourse of Scandelaia.

Without much difficulty, we go up to the Abbey of Montescalari (700 m).

This Vallombrosan Abbey dates back to the early decades of the eleventh century.

Once, it was rich in lands and men, surrounded by a beautiful forest of fir trees, adorned with a beautiful bell tower that was destroyed during the Second World War. Today it cannot be visited because it’s a long-standing private property.

A hundred meters ahead, we can admire the beauty of an old oak tree. To return to Poggio alla Croce we take the CAI path number 00, passing near the Chapel.

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