Itinerary Ring Pian d'Albero

  • Itinerary: Poggio alla Croce, Pian D'Albero, Cappella dei Boschi, Fonte ai Trogoli, Poggio alla Croce.
  • Length: 7,3 kilometers
  • Altitude: min 490 meters, max 756 meters
  • Difference in height: 416 meters
  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Journey time: 3 hours

From Poggio alla Croce we take the CAI path number 21, which descends for a short distance on the provincial road in the direction of Figline Valdarno before rising to the right, entering the woods. The climb is not easy for its gradient and for the road surface, rather uneven and cobbled, but the effort is rewarded by a nice terrace on the upper Valdarno and on the Pratomagno.

Surrounded by a forest of chestnut trees, with short ups and downs, we get to the sweet meadows of Pian d'Albero (695 m), where a stone is reminiscent of a Nazi-Fascist massacre, which took place on June 20, 1944, which claimed the lives of 37 people.

The route continues, practically flat, taking the CAI path number 7 in the direction of the Abbey of Montescalari. However, once arrived at the small Chapel of the woods, we turn right to return to Poggio alla Croce, following the CAI path number 00.

We recommend, however, before falling back to Poggio alla Croce a brief visit to the nearby abbey of Montescalari and, a little later, to the old oak tree, as it’s just a deviation of a few minutes.

On the way back we meet with Trogoli’s source, a small spring where, in the past, it was customary to let grazing animals go to water, and then with St. John’s source.

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